Water is indispensable for life

Water is indispensable for life, but its availability at a sustainable quality and quantity is threatened by many factors, of which climate plays a leading role. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) defines climate as “the average weather in terms of the mean and its variability over a certain time-span and a certain area” and a statistically significant variation of the mean state of the climate or of its variability lasting for decades or longer, is referred to as climate change. Information on the local or regional impacts of climate change on hydrological processes and water resources is becoming more important. Groundwater will be less directly and more slowly impacted by climate change, as compared to e.g. rivers. This is because rivers get replenished on a shorter time scale, and drought and floods are quickly reflected in river water levels. Groundwater, on the other hand, will be affected much slower.


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