Travelling is really awful when I deeply take action it

Travelling is really awful when I deeply take action it. Even though the transportation has developed day by day, I still don’t prefer to travel long way or long hours. During these holidays, I traveled a lot such as by ship and bus. Both of it made me feels tired and sick but there are some pros and cons while I was in my trips. Although I hate travelling, this time I prefer to travel by ship rather than bus.
To begin with, I was happy to travel by ship instead of bus. Unlike bus, the ship had much better service and very familiar with others people. While I was on the ship, I noticed one thing that they had air condition too but they turned it off. I have a good seat along seat belt on the ship similar to the bus. It was so comfortable to lay against the seat. I could visit around and went different sections of the ship like karaoke,


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