The UK today has a growing population

The UK today has a growing population, and so is the amount of refugees/migrants moving to the UK, as it gets harder to move to different countries around the world, illegal immigration is now on the rise, which means the UK and other countries can’t keep track of everyone. Today there is an estimated 118,995 migrants settling into their homes in the UK and 38,500 asylum applications to come to the UK were filed in 2016.
But of course you can’t forget the fact that families have many different reasons as to why they move to the UK. I think that the 3 main motives as to why people migrate/move: is the fact that British citizens are kept safe. Counter-terrorism is on the rise, and there is now high security more than there has ever been in the UK at Airports and other high-profile national landmarks. While migrants and refugees may think the UK is a safe-haven, lately there have been assaults against them, blaming them for the terrorist attacks.


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