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Our text, Compensation (2014), discusses the Management by Objectives and is explained to have many different variations (Gerhart, Milkovich, & Newman, 2014). The Army evaluation system is what I perceive to be another variation as leaders plan and identify the strategic goals. The leader then counsels the rated soldier, the lower hierarchy, who in turns works to reach the objective with their soldiers (Gerhart, Milkovich, & Newman, 2014).
The Army evaluation system is not a perfect system, but the system leaves little room for doubt on the rated Soldier. The rating system has a scoring system which identifies whether the rated person meets the standard, exceeded the standard, far exceeded the standard, or failed to meet the standard (Army, 2018). Every person who is counseled for their performance evaluation should leave their session with no doubt what is expected of them given the rater used the proper communication channel (Hynes, 2011)


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