my best friend is the best friend in the world

my best friend is the best friend in the world.he is always with me.he is kind and loving .he lives in Asansol. we study in the same school.his name is Mohan. There are five members in their family.all are good in nature. they always treat like a son.

we always share our thoughts. many people said that you and your best friends are good at nature.we to have many memories with us. whenever we are free we are going to the market to buy a cloth. we are going to the park. we are doing lots of things which we can not describe in a single paragraph. whenever I need my best friend they came. I things he is good at nature as well as he is good in study. In a class when a teacher did not come we start talking and playing the game likes pen fighting. he is good at cricket. he is the captain of our school team.

he is my life, I never think to live without my best friend.