Have you ever tried to get a smoker to stop

Have you ever tried to get a smoker to stop? A kid to start wearing a bike helmet? An aerosol user to switch? Well a client approached me today because he has a serious problem with procrastination. My client has procrastinated most activities that were they’re not comfortable or enjoyable for as far back as he can remember. That means they are not limited to paying bills, doing homework assignments, making progress on assigned projects in the office, buying presents for birthdays or holidays and scheduling just about anything. Due to this undesirable behavior my client has lost a few jobs, failed out of school and is behind on his mortgage. Of all of these activities my client would like assistance with procrastination as it relates to paying bills since that seems to be the most pressing issue. It should be noted that the procrastination has increased in frequency since childhood. My client blames this behavior for the extraordinary amount of stress in his life.


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